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Magic and project: the ADA are back

Design is a matter of head, heart and hands. It’s the “magic of the project”, the collaboration between brands and designers getting together with the aim of combining resources and talent, to give shape to the creative process. It is to highlight the importance of these collaborations that the Archiproducts Design Awards are back. The ADA 2018 aim to reward experimental research and innovation, but above all to emphasize the emotional and functional power of the project.

Getting into its third edition, the ADA have confirmed its acknowledgement as international prestigious award. The 2017 edition had 90 winners, 600 products submitted by 300 brands from 15 countries. An international jury of 40 architecture studios among the most influential ones had rewarded the research of innovative solutions, from residential to contract design…

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The judging panel of ADA 2018

The judging panel of ADA 2018 is international and highly qualified. Winners will be selected by some of the most interesting international architecture studios, along with designers, journalists, architectural photographers and design curators.

They will select the products that truly stand out for their relation with production, full embracing the ‘Culture of Project’.

Discover the 2018 Jury

The ADA 2018 Award

Spanish designers Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón from MUT designed and unveiled the 2018 trophy: a limited-edition object – inspired by the Möbius Strip – that mimics the typical shape of the Archiproducts Design Award logo and plays with both light and surface.

We wanted to honor this edition’s winners with a meaningful object, a trophy able to fully express the Award’s identity and values.” explains Enzo MaioranoArchiproducts Co-founder and Art director“Two surfaces blending into one with no boundaries…

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