How can I apply? How many products can I nominate?

Each brand can nominate from 1 to 5 products. Participation in the competition itself is subject to a binding online registration and a subscription fee.


Do I have to be a member of Archiproducts to nominate a product?

Yes, the participation to the Archiproducts Design Awards is reserved to active Archiproducts Members only. Become a member on


How much does it cost and how can I pay the subscription fee?

The registration fee for the competition is EUR 500 per product entry, up to 5 products. You can choose to pay by PayPal or bank transfer once the registration form has been filled out. Click here to register your entries.


Can I submit a collection or group of products?

No, you can nominate only one product (or one of its varieties) already published on Archiproducts. If the product is part of a collection or product group, please enter the link to the product sheet on Archiproducts that best represents the collection or group.

The jury will take into account whether the product belongs to a collection or product group.


I’m already a client but the products I’d like to nominate aren’t online yet

Contact our team at [email protected] and tell us which products you’d like to publish in order to nominate them.

For more information please contact the ADA office:

T +39 080 2460421

mail: [email protected]

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