Playing with surfaces: MUT unveils this edition’s award

Archiproducts and the Spanish duo collaborate again and dedicate winners a limited-edition object inspired by the Möbius Strip


Spanish designers Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón from MUT designed and unveiled the 2018 trophy: a limited-edition object – inspired by the Möbius Strip – that mimics the typical shape of the Archiproducts Design Award logo and plays with both light and surface.



“We wanted to honor this edition’s winners with a meaningful object, a trophy able to fully express the Award’s identity and values.” explains Enzo Maiorano, Archiproducts Co-founder and Art director. “Two surfaces blending into one with no boundaries: this is how we feel about the collaboration between brands and designers and this is the way we want to express it.”



The result is an object that aims to communicate the power of the brand-designer relationship, comparing it to a Möbius Strip: a single metal slab crafted to reproduce the Award concept, that plays with light and darkness, full and empty spaces, combining shiny and hand brushed finishings. Two different surfaces becoming one, with only one side and only one boundary.


The trophy’s golden-shiny finishing.


MUT designed also the ADA 2017 trophy, an object inspired by anamorphic figures and the concept of perspective illusion.  Discover it here!
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