The Archiproducts Design Awards 2019 Trophy Interpreted by De Castelli

The Italian brand, a partner of the ADAs 2019, is producing a limited run of the trophy designed by MUT Design


The ADA 2019 trophy will wear the oxidation of De Castelli metal. Following the design created by the Spanish Studio MUT Design, the Italian brand – Partner of this year’s Archiproducts Design Awards – is experimenting with a material that it has been expertly crafting for four generations, marrying artisan tradition with new technology and meticulous attention to detail.

Every item produced by De Castelli is worked and finished almost handcrafted, giving the metal a poetic quality that emerges alongside unexpected and unrepeatable nuances. The resulting collections are mass-produced but have the power of hand-crafted pieces, allowing the company to explore the endless mutability of steel, aluminium, corten, iron, brass and copper.

On this occasion, De Castelli have fashioned their metals into the shape of a Möbius strip, the inspiration for the ADAs 2019 trophy, designed by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón of MUT Design, experimenting oxidation after oxidation, exploring the expressiveness of mattress to make each item truly one of a kind.

A limited edition created exclusively for the Archiproducts Design Awards that harnesses the potential of a material that is never the same twice, a bit like the winners of the ADAs, who inspire and amaze us with their combination of brand-new forms, innovative features and textural concepts.

But the secret of De Castelli is not just its processing techniques: it’s the link and the connection between company and designer that make it possible to create vibrant surfaces and accessories with the perfect balance between rigour and a light touch, making something complex seem very simple. “Collaborating with an artist can give us a new sensibility, a vision, the ability to interpret things”, explains Albino Celatofounder of De Castelli.

And this is precisely the concept at the heart of the collaboration between Archiproducts and the Italian brand. The belief that synergy between company and designer is the only way to create something wonderful, never seen before, destined to change people’s lives. It is thanks to these encounters that magic – and materials – start to take shape, paving the way for planning, processing, production. Poetry.

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