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Werner Tscholl

Werner Tscholl (born in Laces, Bolzano, 1955) graduated in Architecture in Florence in 1981. His studio is located in Morter, in the Venosta Valley, where he also lives. Numerous buildings, mainly concentrated in the South Tyrol, are concrete proof of Tscholl’s capacity to achieve a natural-although not camouflaged-synthesis between his creations and their setting.

Among his most important works, the Rizzi houses at San Martino, the Knoll-thuile houses at Colsano and the Mumelter houses at Gries- to office buildings and factories -such as the headquarters for Selimex in Laces, the new Mondadori offices at Segrate, the Tramin winery at Termeno, the Puni distillery at Glorenza- and the designs for various facilities associated with landscape, like the ones designed for the road across the Rombo Pass, including tourist information offices and the small museum at the top of the pass. He worked on the restoration and new use of castles and towers in the South Tyrol: the Fürstenburg at Burgusio, now the Provincial Agricultural School; Torre Reichenberg at Tubre, now a holiday home; Firmiano Castle near Bolzano, the most important part of Reinhold Messner’s network of museums about mountains (the Messner Mountain Museum); and the Benedictine Abbey of Monte Maria at Burgusio, where a small museum has been created about the history of the abbey.


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