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Truly Truly is a Rotterdam (NL) based design studio. It was founded by Australian husband-and-wife design team Joel Booy (1981) & Kate Booy (1981), and operates in a variety of creative fields including design of products, lighting, furniture, textiles and spatial installations as well as art-direction.

There is a focus on designing thoughtful products for the living environment that combine function with sensuality, and which result from an urge to question and invigorate the way people use and perceive objects. The studio employs art as an avenue to push the boundaries for themselves and for others. They have a growing interest to investigate future furniture typologies, and in this, question form in relation to function.

The flexible and creative thinking, learned via study in the Netherlands combined with a background in graphic design, shapes their unique design attitude. How a design will be experienced is crucial to the core of their work. Truly Truly is a manifesto: make things properly, honestly and artfully.

Studio Truly Truly has produced designs for: Rakumba Lighting, Tacchini, the Netherlands TextielMuseum (invited by Hella Jongerius), IKEA’s PS 2017 collection, Dexter Lighting, LEFF Amsterdam, the National Glass Museum Netherlands, Cor Unum Ceramics, amongst others.

Recently, the studio received the honour of being invited to create the 2019 Das Haus pavillion at IMM Cologne. They are currently working on commissions for new textile and furniture collections and an upcoming solo-exhibiton at the Aram Gallery during London Design Festival.

“We are constantly trying to appeal to our own desire to be captivated or moved. Sculpture, poetry, tactility, sensuality, functionality — these all have an important role in the objects that surround us.”

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