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Studio MILO

Studio MILO is a boutique interior and architectural design venture which celebrates a harmonious synthesis between the ideas and influences of its two co-founders. The partnership, which merges interior and architectural elements of design was created from the long standing collaboration between Federica Gosio, Interior Designer and Arianna Crosetta, Architect. Together, they formed Studio MILO.

With offices in both Milan and London, the name MI-LO derives from and celebrates this connection.

Studio MILO bases its work on a very distinctive and unique RESEARCH. Each project has a very distinctive touch of contemporary cutting edge design: a TAILOR MADE APPROACH, in which elaboration and execution of any new project is filtered through the lenses of the client BRAND IDENTITY.

The studio offers an “a carte service“ of interior design, architecture and communication services.

Studio MILO on ARCHILOVERS® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
Via Loiacono, 20 - 70126 Bari, Italy
VAT no. IT05611580720
ROC 21492 | REA BA 429007

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