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Satoshi Kurosaki


Satoshi Kurosaki

Architect / President of APOLLO Architects & Associates, Ltd

Kurosaki established APOLLO in 2000 that is the architecture studio from the professional career experience of the product development in the large residential company.

APOLLO’s offices are in Tokyo, Okinawa, Korea and China, and the primary works are residential, villa, resort, clinic and commercial facility.

Kurosaki is one of the most practicing architects who designed over 150 buildings for over 16 years in Japan.

He also published a full-coloured 600 pages APOLLO’s Monograph (Germany) in 2016.

·First-class architect General Design Department of Architecture, The Japan Institute of Architects.

·Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ARCHITECT.

·Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Meiji University.

2008~2010 Nihon University Part-time lecturer

2014~ Keio University Part-time lecturer

Awards Received

GOOD DESIGN AWARD (JAPAN) / Tokyo Association of Architectural Firms / The Japan Institute of Architects Excellent Architectural Award / Modern Living AwardJAPAN/ HISE Design Award(Slovenia) / Wallpaper Design Award(England) / BUILD Architecture Awards (England) /

Architecture Awards for 2016 (England) / GERMAN DESIGN AWARD (Germany) / ICONIC Award (Germany) / Design for Asia Award (Hong Kong) / INTERNATIONAL SPACE DESIGN AWARD (China) / DNA Paris Design Award (France)

1970 – Born in Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa Prefecture.

1994 – Graduated from Meiji University, Bachelor of architecture.

1994 – Joined Sekisui House, Ltd.

1998 – Assigned to chief engineer of ‘FORME architects’

2000 – Established APOLLO Architects & Associates

2008 – Reorganized to APOLLO Architects & Associates, Ltd. President.

2008 – 2010 Part time lecturer of Nihon Univ. department of science and engineering.

2014 – Part time lecturer of Keio Univ. graduate school, department of science and engineering.
2017 – Part time lecturer of Keio Univ. department of science and engineering system design course.
2017 – Senior registered architect (Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport No.282853)

2017 – Management architect (Major field : Detached houses, Multiple dwelling No.1131001715)

2017 – Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ARCHITECT

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