Founder and Creative Director of RADS - USA

Rodolfo Agrella

Rodolfo Agrella is New York based Designer and Architect, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. His firm RADS imbues its one-of-a-kind design concepts with bold color, deft composition, and captivating contrast. founded in 2015 as a way for this team to encompass its different endeavors and the various typologies it treats: art and creative direction; spatial interventions for interiors, exhibitions, and other architectural environments; products and graphic design. The same finesse of form, hue, and texture can easily carry across from product development to the mise-en-scene of a gala dinner. This interdisciplinary practice is able to synthesize and distill diverse point inspirations and requirements in playful, seemingly effortless, yet sophisticated concepts. 

RADS comprises a team of skilled, multi-hyphenate practitioners operating in different parts of the world. Each brings their own technical expertise and culturally-attuned know-how to the table. Together, they’re poised to achieve a variety of outcomes, answering the distinct needs of different clients and stakeholders, while remaining hands-on throughout the process. Agrella and his team aims to develop and maintain close partnerships with international brands such as Absolut, Koziol, TaiPing Carpets, Silverspot Cinemas, Bernhardt Design, Heller, 3M, MoMA, Aid for Aids, Steinway & Sons, Wanted Design and ICFF; approaching any undertaking with a high level of energy, specification, flexibility, and dedication. 

RADS was “Regardless of the task at hand, It’s all about developing purposeful solutions by harnessing and transforming available materials, and working with the conditions of a finite space or set budget. Our goal is to make something complex appear simple.”® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
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