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Quincoces – Dragò & Partners is an architectural and design studio established in 2008 by David Lopez Quincoces and joined by Fanny Bauer Grung in 2013.
Today they lead the offices together in Milan, Italy and Madrid, Spain and their design gallery, Six Gallery in Milan.

The philosophy behind Quincoces-Dragò aestehtic is to create a natural connection between their intervention and its setting.
The context of a space is always the main subject of inspiration both in their restorations and in new projectes created ex- novo.
The office aims at respecting a space for what it is (whether it has a specific heritage or not) and to heighten the visitors awarness of such a space through the manipulation of light and natural materials that give a timeless aesthetic. The aim is therefore to create harmonious environments that give a sense of belogning to everything in it and to those visiting it, as to never obstruct the spatial sensations of a specific location: its original genius loci.

Quincoces-Dragò on ARCHILOVERS® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
Via Loiacono, 20 - 70126 Bari, Italy
VAT no. IT05611580720
ROC 21492 | REA BA 429007

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