Co-Founders @ PROWL Studio – USA

Lauryn Menard, Baillie Mishler

PROWL is a full-service design futures consultancy. They provide tangible design solutions and strategic foresight to elevate our shared world.

PROWL re-orients organizations toward actionable change in the worlds of physical design, material innovation, and the wellbeing of people and planet. They work to create lasting change by designing bold, visionary solutions that make comfort and health accessible for the many. Through this, they hope to shape tomorrow’s life for the better.

As a studio, they strive to build and inspire a global research and design community to actively pursue our mission.® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
Via Loiacono, 20 - 70126 Bari, Italy
VAT no. IT05611580720
ROC 21492 | REA BA 429007

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