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Primo Orpilla

Primo Orpilla is the co‐founder and principal, of Studio O+A, an interiors firm in San Francisco that specializes in workplace design. Establishing the company with Verda Alexander in Silicon Valley in 1991, Primo drew on an early interest in engineering and a feel for the growing tech economy to orient O+A to a rapidly changing work environment. Moving to San Francisco a few years later, O+A quickly gained a reputation for being a design firm as innovative as its clients—Facebook, Microsoft, Yelp, Cisco, Uber and many others. A believer in design as an art form that embraces all disciplines, Primo grew his company from a two ‐person space‐ planning operation to a full-service design studio with 20‐plus designers, project managers, graphic artists, and branding specialists. The firm’s work has been recognized for over two decades with international press coverage and multiple design awards. In 2015 Primo and Verda were inducted into Interior Design Magazine’s Hall of Fame. In 2016 O+A won the Cooper Hewitt Design Award for Interior Design. A frequent lecturer on design and the future of workplace, Primo speaks at schools and design conferences globally. The course in workplace design he and Verda teach at IE University in Madrid seeks to pass on to a new generation of designers the philosophy of immersion in a client’s culture that has been a driving force behind every O+A project. As Global Chair of Student Experience at IIDA, Primo works to promote design education and expand opportunities for young people in the profession. In recent years Primo has taken up a new passion: product design. His company Orpilla, Inc. designs multi-°©‐faceted, versatile workstations and office products for OFS, Kimball Office, Martin-°©‐Brattrud and IdeaPaint, bringing the principles of customization and adaptability that made O+A famous to the level of the individual workspace.® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
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