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Armin and Alexander Pedevilla studied architecture at the Graz University of Technology. After their graduation they founded two independent offices. From the desire for alpine building, the brothers returned to South Tyrol in 2005 and founded together pedevilla architects. Since then, pedevilla architects has made a name for itself in the international architecture scene. Their work has received numerous awards and has been shown in various exhibitions. They have been lecturing at universities and institutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and have been jurors at architectural competitions.

For pedevilla architects, building means a conscious approach to social, cultural, economic and ecological components of everyday life. The integration of a building into existing local built environment is as important as dealing with the temperature and the local climate. In this context, the issue of consistency becomes an important factor in planning decisions. “We are concerned here with the cycles of the materials used, their durability, but also with the use of traditional craftsmanship methods, a knowledge that we thought was lost, and above all with the fact that materials live and evolve over time.”

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