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Lukas Rungger, Stefan Rier

noa* is the essential expression of a collaborative work-ethos: the young team of architects & designers, led by founders Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier and based in Bolzano (Italy) and since April 2018 also in Berlin (Germany), explores and examines interdisciplinary methods of design, continuously evolving depending on both nature and requirements of each project. By following the concept of “emergence”, where the whole is perceived as being far greater than the sum of its parts, a holistic approach and strategy is central to noa*s way of conceiving design.

noa* serves as a stage (or platform) for architects, designers of interiors, graphics or fashion… as far as musicians and historians… with the collective aim to use the resources of field specialists at its best. noa*, while forming the heart of its own network, reinforces the transfer of knowledge from various operative sectors, by surrounding the core theme of architectural creation, reaching out to accelerate and intensify the added value for each project.

Thanks to nearly one decade of professional experience locally and abroad, noa* has been growing and continues to do so, resulting in an extensively evolving network across the globe with recent hotspots based in New York, Milan, London, Berlin, Geneve, Ferrara, Graz. On the other hand, exploring the “genius loci”, analysing the soul of a place, space or environment, is the recurrent theme that completes the holistic design philosophy and methodology. The choice of material, the reduction to the essentials in the building, the conscious contact with the landscape where we build are the leading points for noa*.

Each project is being approached as an intense learning in process, with a thorough analysis of the “lost and found” becoming essential to all facettes of design quality, paired with the attempt of simultaneously looking back and understanding traditional culture and looking forward at contemporary ways of enhancing modern life.

Finally, a thorough and radical conception of spatial and temporal relationships forms the core ambition of any field noa* gets involved: by using 3- and 4-dimensional design tools, all teams interact on the design process contemporaneously, enabling responsive results along contextually driven inspirations of each experimental playground.

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