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Natalie Shirinian

Natalie Shirinian founded NES in 2010 with the intent of creating a curated communications agency that bridges the gap between fashion and design.  As the agency grew, her client catalogue evolved to include product designers, furniture designers, artists, galleries, fashion and lifestyle brands.

Her relationships with style leaders, tastemakers, major brands and galleries – both domestic and international – amplify her influence in the industry and extends her clientele’s core business. Her agency has been featured in publications like T Magazine, Openhouse, Vogue, Elle Decor Italia, Vogue Living, RUM ID, The Coveteur and ELLE Korea. Shirinian is also a filmmaker and journalist with work featured in Vogue, The Work Magazine, Paper, SOMA, The Huffington Post and The Coveteur. In 2019 she founded  her very own food and travel journal NESESSITY. Her debut film, INTERIOR MOTIVES is a documentary capturing the connection between fashion and design through the perspectives of industry leaders like Michelle Lamy, Tommy Hilfiger, Mary McDonald, Maria Cornejo, Ryan Korban amongst other influencers and icons. Interior Motives has been featured in Variety, Surface, T Magazine and Vogue and is the winner of best documentary short at the IFS Film Festival, and is currently in the midst of film festival screenings.® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
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