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Lindsey Wikstrom

Lindsey Wikstrom is the Founding Principal of Mattaforma (recognized as Cultured Magazine’s Young Architects 2023) and has taught at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Syracuse Architecture, Cornell Architecture, Art, and Planning, and will teach at Yale School of Architecture in Fall 2023. She holds an M.Arch from Columbia University, where she was awarded the Charles McKim Prize, Visualization Award, and Avery 6 Award. Wikstrom is also the recipient of the SOM Prize. Her research on renewable and reclaimed materials has been published in Embodied Energy and Design, Broken Nature, Faktur, Cite, e-flux, Urban Omnibus, among others. Wikstrom launched her book Designing the Forest and Other Mass Timber Futures (2023) at Prada’s Possible Conversation series, published by Routledge, with foreword by Kenneth Frampton. She is the organizer and moderator of Material Worlds, a speaker series hosted by MoMA’s Emilio Ambasz Institute, which expanded the conversation about sustainability beyond mass timber to interrogate the wide variety of materials found in the built environment. She is an active member of Who Builds Your Architecture?.® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
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