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Harry Nuriev

CROSBY STUDIOS was founded in 2014 by artist, architect and designer Harry Nuriev. The New York and Moscow-based creative practice spans a broad range of typologies, including innovative commercial spaces, hospitality, designed objects, and fashion and art collaborations, often through the lens of radical design and informed by the aesthetics of contemporary consumer culture. Crosby Studios uses minimalism as a philosophical framework, marrying geometric primaries with crisp logic, creating invigorating and exuberant interiors that serve as vehicles for much broader ideas about how we live and work. After Crosby Studios opened its New York branch in 2017, T: The New York Times Magazine heralded Harry Nuriev as a pioneering voice in global minimalism citing the distinctive influence of Russian craft and architecture on his designs.

In 2017, Nuriev of Crosby Studios held his first museum solo exhibition at Dallas Contemporary, and has since collaborated with contemporary artist Liam Gillick and architect Rem Koolhaas’s OMA, crafted a limited edition home goods collection and pop-up installation for Opening Ceremony, and joined forces with Nike to create three different furniture collections for the launch of the new Air Max sneaker. For Design Miami/ in December of 2019, Nuriev received critical acclaim for The Balenciaga Sofa, a conceptual, sustainable furniture installation designed by the artist in collaboration with French fashion house, Balenciaga. More recently, Nuriev has collaborated with COS stores on an international campaign, and with Valentino on a launch campaign for the Valentino Garavani UNIqueFORM boot.

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