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Anwar Mekhayech

Anwar Mekhayech is co-founder of the acclaimed, multi-disciplinary global design firm, DesignAgency, where he shares the helm with partners Allen Chan and Matt Davis.
Each contributes a unique vision to the company’s creative strategy and ideation of hospitality, condo and office interiors in Toronto and around the world.
Anwar developed a first-hand knowledge of hospitality through his family business and later as a restauranteur. This experience, combined with his passion for travel, community, art and culture contribute to his his practical solutions, his acute sense of style, and his diverse perspective.
Thriving on collaboration with both clients and other designers, Anwar has worked closely with notable visionaries, helping them to develop environments that reflect a unique brand ethos. This emphasis on shared expertise is exemplified in Generator Hostels, for which Anwar worked with countless architects and artists to realize properties in 11 cities across Europe thus far. From 2014-16 he acted as Generator’s Global Creative Director, assisting the brand achieve both its astronomic growth and its recognition as a leading hospitality disruptor, for which it was named one of Fast Company’s “Top 50 most innovative companies”.
DesignAgency has received numerous international design and hospitality awards including Architectural Record’s “Good Design is Good Business Award” for Generator. In 2014 Anwar was recognized by Hospitality Design Magazine’s “Wave of the Future” — a shortlist of designers, architects, brand executives, and owners who are “young enough to be considered visionary, but tested enough to be accomplished”.
Anwar is also a partner in Toronto-based ARTHOUSE, a boutique photography agency and production house, where he takes a behind-the-scenes role in business development and strategy.

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