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Amelia Tavella

Born in Corsica, where she perceived in its beautiful landscapes an opening to all horizons, Amelia Tavella was qualified by the Institut Choiseul Ville de Demain, as « a rising star of French architecture ». Her architectural signature, attached to the sensuality of noble and natural materials, fulfilled by men of art, is the mark of a constant work on the memory of places, in particular in the Mediterranean. Several revelators of talent have chosen to honor the particular artistic approach that characterizes the work of Amelia Tavella. In 2021, she’s just received the title of Chevalier in the National Order of Merit, by the Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honor. « The Mediterranean is my matrix. I come from there, from this unique place. As a child of the scrubland and the sands, I learned the complexity of my profession of architect here. Sea, rock, beach, my femininity has embraced the femininity of this sea, practicing with delicacy, weaving the damaged lace, inspiring me from the sediments, soft, original material. My island taught me light, color, slope, reminding me constantly that there is no valid creation without ethics and that history is the cradle of the present. My architecture is inspired by the maquis. I take up its beauty, its color, its texture, its density. Each time I pay homage to it. I do not separate anything. Nature and my buildings stand on the same line, answering each other. It is an echo and then a fusion. Iuse the materials of my island to make it reborn each time of itself. A single word contains and gives impetus to my wish as an architect: ethics This is how my artistic approach is built, linked to my roots, to the origin. » This singular creative process is illustrated in her various achievements, notably the A Strega school, the Casa Santa Teresa, the Saint-François Convent, the Corsica Sotheby’s flagship, the landscaping and urban development of the Ajaccio Citadel or the Edmond Simeoni school in Lumio and Simone Veil school in Villeurbanne and recently the Henri Tomasi Conservatory in Ajaccio in association with Rudy Ricciotti.® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
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