Photographer – ITALY

Alberto Zanetti

Alberto was born in 1977 in Cernusco Sul Naviglio in conjunction with a Juventus Uefa cup match, even though he is a die-hard AC Milan fan, and on the same day as Chris Martin, so to speak because it’s cool.

It grows in Milan between school and swimming pool chlorine.

During his university studies in Economics, he is kidnapped by the world of photography due to a fortuitous New York meeting with Pierpaolo Ferrari, who offers him to follow him as an assistant, despite not knowing anything about photography.

The Sliding Doors effect makes you unexpectedly and without a reason abandon your studies to get closer to this unknown but fascinating world.

After a long apprenticeship as an assistant alongside Pierpaolo, he begins to photograph.

Passionate about the film, he prefers fashion but also winks at the world of art and portraits.

He has been part of the ToiletPaper Magazine team since its foundation, and has collaborated with various magazines such as L’Uomo Vogue, Wallpaper, Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, Vogue Mexico, … and with various fashion brands.® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
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