ADA 2018. The Prizegiving Event at Archiproducts Milano

A whole day dedicated to design and creativity. On Tuesday, Nov. 20th, the 100 winners of this year’s edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards received their prizes on occasion of the annual “open day” held by Archiproducts Milano in Via Tortona 31.

Numerous designers and brands participated in the event, and celebrated the winners together with the Archiproducts team. Among the guests: Francesca Lanzavecchia from studio Lanzavecchia + Wai with Living Divani; Marc Sadler for Metalmobil; Andrea Steidl, Art Director of Former e Busnelli; Gordon Guillaumier with Desalto; the designers of Studio Lazzaroni with Poltrona Frau: Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano for Ceramica Cielo; Studio Lissoni with Gabriele Salvatori; Salvatore Indriolo for Fantin; Elisa Ossino with Sanwa; Marco Zavagno from Studio Zaven with Cedit; Chiara Di Pinto from Studiopepe with Ceramica Bardelli and Wall&Decò; Robin Rizzini from Studio Metrica for Estel Group; the Polish designer Marta Szymkowiak for Blu Bleu; the Belgian Koen Van Extergem for Manutti; Studio 967 Architetti Associati with Dieffebi; Marco Pisati for Cordivari; the designers of Studio Makio Hasuike & Co for Cristina Rubinetterie; Alessandro La Spada with Visionnaire; Arter&Citton for Ibebi & Pointhouse; Dea Sgarbossa and Nicola Russo of makethatstudio with L’Ottocento; Studio DNA Kaluderovic & Condini for Jacuzzi, and all the other winners selected by this year’s ADA jury.


Also present at the event, Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón from MUT Design studio who, for the second time, had been commissioned by Archiproducts to design the prize trophy. For the 2018 edition the young Spanish designers presented an object, in a limited edition, that draws inspiration from the principle of the Möbius strip and describes perfectly the character of the awards: two seemingly boundless expanses converging in a most most natural way. A metaphor for the collaboration between brands and designers. The result is an intriguing play of light and shades, blank and filled spaces, glossy and opaque finishes.


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Salvatori – Gabriele Salvatori | Archiproducts – Enzo Maiorano

Boffi – Bice Marceca | MA-U Studio – Mikel Harrsen

Desalto – Gordon Guillaumier e Alessandra Bosaglia | Archiproducts – Enzo Maiorano e Roberta Dragone

EX.T – Ingrid Tanini e MUT Design

Estel Group – Alessandro Dalla Pozza | Metrica – Robin Rizzini | Archiproducts – Enzo Maiorano

Poltrona Frau | Studio Lazzeroni | Lorenzo Lazzeroni ed Elena Bonannini

Living Divani – Stefano Giacomin | Lanzavecchia Wai – Francesca Lanzavecchia | Archiproducts – Enzo Maiorano

Metalmobil – Marc Sadler

Archiproducts – Enzo Maiorano | Studiopepe – Chiara Di Pinto | Ceramiche Bardelli – Gianmaria Bardelli e Andrea Martelli

L’Ottocento – Margherita Cocco, Mariano Campagnolo, Nicola Russo e Dea Sgarbossa

Cristina Rubinetterie | Makio Hasuike&Co – Luis Avila Diaz e Naomi Hasuike

Artemide – Massimo Chiesa

Sanwa Company – Elisa e Raffaella Ossino | Archiproducts – Roberta Dragone ed Enzo Maiorano

Blu Bleu – Marta Szymkowiak e Michelangelo Infurnari

Ceadesign – Erika Agliardi

Ritzwell&Co. – Aya Miamoto e Wataru Yano

Scab Design – Luisa Battaglia e Ludovico Taglietti

Archiproducts – Roberta Dragone | Glas Italia – Annina Preda

Cesar – Gina Cester | Alampercomunicare – Giuseppe Gismondi

Archiproducts – Antonella Fraccalvieri e Angelo Dell’Olio | Cedit – Antonella Furlan

ADA 2018. The Prizegiving Event at Archiproducts Milano

ADA 2018. The Prizegiving Event at Archiproducts Milano

ADA 2018. The Prizegiving Event at Archiproducts Milano

ADA 2018. The Prizegiving Event at Archiproducts Milano

ADA 2018. The Prizegiving Event at Archiproducts Milano

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