Who is on the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 Jury?

For the eighth edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards, a jury selected in the spirit of transdisciplinary

The eighth edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards is ending. The 2023 winners will be announced on 16 November in Milan during a special evening that will bring together designers, brands and journalists from all over the world in the Superstudio spaces.

Archiproducts assembled an increasingly diverse and, above all, transdisciplinary jury for the selection of the winners.

“Transdisciplinarity is the ‘intellectual space’ where the nature of the manifold links among isolated issues can be explored and unveiled, the space where issues are rethought, alternatives reconsidered, and interrelations revealed.”

(UNESCO – Division of Philosophy and Ethics, 1998)

According to the UNESCO definition, transdisciplinarity is the “intellectual space” in which the multiple connections between isolated subjects can be explored and revealed. This diversity of skills, ranging from architecture to art, photography, illustration, collecting and creative direction, is what the 40 jurors of this eighth edition bring to the table.

Each jury member has interpreted the signs of contemporaneity in terms of aesthetics and content, honouring the ability to define or anticipate scenarios of use and to strike the best balance between research and the creative process.

The 2023 Design Jury
Top, from left: Satoski Kurosaki, Nina Yashar, Manuel Aires Mateus. Bottom, from left: Pitsou Kedem, Felicia Ferrone, Kelly Wearstler 2

Top, from left: Satoski Kurosaki, Nina Yashar, Manuel Aires Mateus. Bottom, from left: Pitsou Kedem, Felicia Ferrone, Kelly Wearstler

Manuel Aires Mateus (Lisbon, 1963), Architect. He founded Aires Mateus & Associados in 1988 with his brother Francisco. They are considered central figures in European architecture, whose projects are characterised by absolute, silent, minimalist and highly sculptural spatiality.

Michele De Lucchi, Angelo Micheli, Davide Angeli, Founders and Directors of AMDL Circle | Michele De Lucchi. Internationally renowned for his humanistic approach, De Lucchi works in various sectors, providing clients with significant and strategic projects in architecture, interiors, products and communication.

Bradley L. Bowers, Designer. His work boldly blends creative influences, many of which come from the visual arts, particularly fashion. His eponymous New Orleans- based design studio explores the dynamic intersection between rapid prototyping and craf.

Giovanna Castiglioni, Curator of the Achille Castiglioni Studio Museum and vice president of the Achille Castiglioni Foundation.

Gabriele Chiave. Creative director with a global perspective shaped by his life experiences in different cities around the world. Formerly the creative director of Marcel Wanders, today he lives and works in New York where he is VP of Creative Direction – Design & Innovation for the 32 brands of the Estée Lauder group.

Giorgio Donà, Architect. He began his career with Stefano Boeri in 2012, and since 2018, he has been a founding partner and director of Stefano Boeri Interiors. The Milan-based multidisciplinary studio undertakes interior, exhibition and product design projects and research.

Fabio Fantolino, Architect, founder of Fabio Fantolino Studio. The strong identity of his projects results from his creative sensitivity and broad knowledge of international design. They range from architecture to interior design, residential and commercial. More recently, he works as designer or art director for product design projects, initiating numerous collaborations with leading companies.

Felicia Ferrone, Architect, designer and entrepreneur. She is best known for her international furniture brand, FFerrone, which has offices in Chicago and Milan. Her design philosophy blends European influences and minimalist aesthetics, expressed through reinvented archetypes.

Tim Fu, Architectural Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects. Fu specialises in algorithmic design and artificial intelligence (AI) research at the ZHACODE computational research group.

Alain Gilles (Brussels, 1970). Designer and founder of Alain Gilles The Studio. After studying political science and marketing management, he worked in finance before pursuing his true passion, industrial design. In 2007, he opened his studio to follow his dreams, developing a personal approach to product design, furniture design, artistic direction and interior architecture.

Francine Houben, Architect. Founder of Mecanoo, which combines architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design to produce solutions based on deep sensitivity to context and a highly interdisciplinary design process. Each project illustrates the four fundamental elements of their architectural vision: People, Place, Purpose, and Poetry.

Agostino Iacurci, Artist. He works in various media, including painting, sculpture, drawing, murals and installations. Often guided by a site-specific approach, Iacurci reworks and manipulates heterogeneous materials.

Nikos Karaflos, Owner of the Dexamenes Seaside Hotel. After studying engineering and computer science, Karaflos embarked on a professional journey with K-studio, refining his vision and acquiring valuable skills in architecture and design, culminating in the transformation of a former distillery into a platform for hospitality, cultural activities and conscious well-being.

Yama Karim, Architect, Partner at Studio Libeskind. Before joining the team in New York in 2003, Yama Karim worked with Libeskind in Berlin for several years in the late 1990s. He is currently leading projects in Milan, Vilnius and the Middle East.

Top, from left: T. E. Severin, Talenia Phua Gajardo, Amelia Tavella. Bottom, from left: Gabriele Chiave, Andrea Mancuso, Hallie Terzopolos 3

Top, from left: T. E. Severin, Talenia Phua Gajardo, Amelia Tavella. Bottom, from left: Gabriele Chiave, Andrea Mancuso, Hallie Terzopolos

Pitsou Kedem, Architect, founder of Pitsou Kedem Architects (Tel Aviv, 2000). His work is marked by a contrast between simple, clean volumes and rich, complex interiors, with a primary reference to light and movement.

Satoshi Kurosaki, Architect. Satoshi Kurosaki founded APOLLO Architects & Associates after a career in product development for a homebuilder and as chief engineer for an architectural firm. The work of Apollo Architects ranges from the architectural design of villas, holiday homes and resorts to the development of corporate products and brand design.

Chris and Oliver Laugsch founded Welcome Beyond in 2010, a network of rental villas and boutique hotels spread throughout the world with one common denominator: architecturally stunning.

Andrea Mancuso is an Italian designer whose work skilfully blends the world of fantasy with everyday life. In 2011, he founded Analogia Project, which debuted at London Design Week at the invitation of Will Alsop.

Edoardo Monti, Art collector.  Curator and founder of Palazzo Monti, an artists’ residence and cultural centre in Brescia.

Hannes Peer, Architect, Designer, Founder of Hannes Peer Studio. A versatile architect and artist, his eclectic style is distinguished by a strong iconographic identity based on constant research into colours and materials and the cross-pollination of artistic languages and disciplines.

Emiliano Ponzi, Illustrator and Writer, works in the editorial, magazine, fashion and advertising markets.

Talenia Phua Gajardo, CEO and founder of The Artling, a revolutionary online platform dedicated to contemporary art in Asia.
David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung, Architects, Designers, and Founders of Quincoces-Dragò. They jointly run the Milan and Madrid offices and their design gallery, Six Gallery in Milan. The philosophy that underlies the aesthetics of the Quincoces-Dragò studio is the idea of creating a natural link between their projects and their contexts.

Massimo Roj, Architect, CEO of Progetto CMR, an integrated design firm founded in 1994, specialising in urban planning, architecture, engineering and design.

Lukas Rungger, Stefan Rier and Andreas Profanter. Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier founded NOA, a collective of architects and interior designers, in 2011. With a consistently curious and unconventional approach, the practice has established itself as an industry standard for hospitality architecture and design.

Tekla Evelina Severin, Colourist, Interior Designer and Photographer. She works in a multidisciplinary field ranging from art direction to set design and photography, combining the profession of interior designer with personal projects that span art, art installation and photography.

Amelia Tavella, Architect, Founder of Amelia Tavella Architects. Her architectural trademark, linked to the sensuality of noble and natural materials crafted by master artisans, is the mark of continual work on the memory of places, particularly in the Mediterranean.

Pietro Terzini (Milan, 1990). Trained as an architect, Terzini is now one of the most irreverent and popular contemporary artists on social networks. His work ranges from digital to fine and street art, focusing on the contemporary world, where design and fashion play a central role alongside capitalism, consumerism and love in the age of social media.

Hallie Terzopolos, Principal, Co-Director of Interiors at the renowned American architecture firm Olson Kundig. With a strong focus on narrative and storytelling, Hallie’s work seamlessly integrates her design experience with the culture and location of each project.

Kelly Wearstler, Interior Designer, Founder of Kelly Wearstler Design Studio. Changing the face of contemporary American design, the award-winning American interior designer’s style is eclectic and ‘experiential’, a chromatic and material narrative inspired by vintage fashion, early 20th-century art movements and postmodern design.

Nina Yashar, Gallerist, Editor, Patron, Curator, and Founder of Nilufar Gallery. Authentic design icons are exhibited in the Via della Spiga exhibition spaces and the suggestive Nilufar Depot, a former warehouse converted into a theatre. From modern works by Gio Ponti and Lina Bo Bardi to contemporary pieces by Bethan Laura Wood and Martino Gamper.

Alberto Zanetti, Photographer. A film lover who prefers fashion but also has an eye for the world of art and portraiture. Zanetti has been part of the team at ToiletPaper Magazine since its inception. The iconic magazine was co-created by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari.

The 2023 Sustainable Design Jury
Top, from left: Rossana Orlandi e N. Brugnoni, Shujan Bertrand, Formafantasma. Bottom, from left: Lindsey Wikstrom, PROWL Studio, Tao Zhang 4

Top, from left: Rossana Orlandi e N. Brugnoni, Shujan Bertrand, Formafantasma. Bottom, from left: Lindsey Wikstrom, PROWL Studio, Tao Zhang

Shujan Bertrand, Founder and CEO of Aplat. The San Francisco-based industrial designer is committed to creating sustainable products and practices that embrace the simplicity of nature and inspire positive change.

Giulio Bonazzi, CEO and President of Aquafil, an Italian company specialising in nylon fibres and polymers and the renowned regenerated nylon ECONYL®. Bonazzi has dedicated his career to transforming a family business into a global player in the textile industry and circular economy.

Kasper Guldager, Co-founder of Home.Earth. A circular economy advisor to the Danish government and the city of Amsterdam, he has recently been appointed chair for developing European standards for circular construction.

Sonia Massari, Food, Sustainability and Design Researcher. Over 20 years of experience as an educator, researcher, consultant and designer in human-food interaction design, sustainability education, design thinking and creative methodologies for innovative agri-food systems.

Lauryn Menard and Baillie Mishler, Co-Founders of PROWL Studio. Designers, entrepreneurs, visionaries. Based in Oakland, California, their office combines design and business consultancy based on the promotion of responsible practices and circular design.

Rossana Orlandi and her daughter Nicoletta Brugnoni, Co-founders of Galleria Rossana Orlandi, the renowned space on Via Matteo Bandello in Milan, and of the Guiltlessplastic Project, aimed at the raising awareness of the international creative community about sustainability and responsibility.

Tao Zhang, Principal and Board Member at Sasaki, President of the Design Culture Section of the Sasaki Board of Directors and administrator of the non-profit branch of the Sasaki Foundation. With a background in ecology and landscape architecture, Tao is committed to ecological design and bridging the gap between practice and science.

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, Designers and co-founders of Formafantasma with offices in Milan and Rotterdam. The name Formafantasma encapsulates the studio’s magical formula and personal concept of “design”: tireless research and blending worlds and influences, from art to self-production, from biology to botany, making them the alchemist/designers of the third millennium.

Lindsey Wikstrom, with her colleague Jean Suhuno, is the founder of Mattaforma, the American multidisciplinary office based on research that parallels design, with a primary focus on materials and ecology, intending to conceive the built environment as a means of moving towards a fairer planet.® is a registered trademark of S.p.A
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