The jurors envision the future of Design

Going back to the good old values to rediscover the human aspects of things. Providing green and sustainable solutions instead of merely decorative products. And again, being able to establish an ever more flowing dialogue between digital and the real world. How is Product Design evolving to meet the human needs? What makes Design a “good Design”?

As the call for entries for the fourth edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards is about to close, we sat down with the Architects, Designers and Creative Directors of the jury to understand what the future of Design will look like, what’s their own idea of the “culture of the project” and their relationship with the production in Architecture and Design.

We’ve asked all of them what they are looking forward to finding in a Design Award and what they’re going to reward. Among all predictions and opinions, one stood out – the one they all agreed on: it’s necessary to keep Design human, providing solutions that meet people’s needs. Because what’s truly unforgettable is the products’ ability to improve the lives of everyone.


Marcio Kogan – Architect, Founder @ mk27 studio – BRAZIL

“Contemporary product Design should go back to simplicity. Synthesis rather than excess, with a smart use of materials.”


Federico Delrosso – Architect, Designer and Founder @ Federico Delrosso Architects – ITALY

“Product Design should be more consistent with the fast changes in people’s living habits, preserving its function and authenticity.”


Paola Navone – Architect, Designer – ITALY

“Today ‘good Design’ is not only an innovative, pleasant and functional project but it has to do with sustainability and globalization. I feel that people today are more and more looking for a unique and tailored home, possibly customized and unique.”


Carlos Ferrater – Architect, Founder @ OAB – Office of Architecture in Barcelona – SPAIN

“In the world we live in it’s necessary that Architecture keeps in account the culture of a place. Globalization shouldn’t lead to forgetting a country’s tradition and its inhabitants.”


Francine Houben – Architect, Founding Partner @ Mecanoo – NETHERLANDS

“The world is in flux — swept up in climate change, ceaseless urbanisation, the digitization of systems, knowledge and life, and global shifts in power, population and wealth. The questions are what will these forces demand of Design, and how will designers respond? We need to shift our focus to these subjects. Focus on people and not on the elite.”


Marco Piva – Architect, Designer, Founder @ Studio Marco Piva – ITALY

“The world is becoming more complex every day and Design is the answer to this complexity. Generally speaking I believe that “Industrial Design” should specifically develop further to manufacture products aimed at reducing their footprints in terms of energy consumption or using less materials hard to recycle.”


Armin and Alexander Pedevilla – Architects, Co-founders @ Pedevilla Architekten – ITALY

“Design must play a social and cultural role and must be at the service of people. Technology can give us a big help in this, without becoming predominant and superfluous. Design sould not become something ‘cold’, detached, where there is no more humanity.”


Masquespacio – Designer, Founder @ Masquespacio – SPAIN

“Design should think about sustainability without forgetting about our past. This is why we’re going to reward products able to seduce with the right mix of functionality and aesthetics.”


Studio Milo – Architects, Interior Designers, Co-founders @ Studio MILO – ITALY

“Contemporary Design is currently putting the accent on innovative materials and their sustainability. The aim for the future should be extending the product life cycle both by giving products a second life and beforehand by making more durable objects.”


Fran Silvestre – Architect, Founder @ Fran Silvestre Arquitectos – SPAIN

“The ten principles of good design that Dieter Rams pronounced are still fully valid today. It must always be innovative at the same time aesthetic, discreet, understandable and honest, consistent with its details, leaving nothing to chance. It must be respectful of the environment and have a long life.”


Matthew McCormick – Designer, Founder @ Matthew McCormick Studio – CANADA

“The language of Design continues to evolve, but in my opinion, it’s our responsibility as creators to aim for timelessness and lifelong durability. As Designers, we have a very clear mandate to research materials and processes that will not harm our ecosystem, thus keeping consumerism at bay.”


Job Smeets – Designer, Founder @ Studio Job – NETHERLANDS

“I don’t know how or where Product Design should go but probably it will likely go in waves as it always does, and every generation of Designers will have their own problems, specific questions to answer. I think Design should have more soul, more identity, more personality and should be less focused on the amount of products.”


Diego Grandi – Designer, Founder @ DGO_Diego Grandi Office – ITALY

“Design was born to solve problems. The right direction is investigating present times, looking forward with a knowledge of the past.”


Federico Babina – Architect, Graphic Designer @ Federico Babina – ITALY/SPAIN

“Design is made by the people and for the people. It changes with the society, follows her, and in some cases guides her. The main challenge of Design is to make our life better and to do so it must be able to communicate but above all to listen.”


Fernando Alda – Photographer, Founder @ Fernando Alda Fotografía de Arquitectura – SPAIN

“I prefer Design that promotes innovation and the use of sustainable materials. This is why I’m going to assess all entries’ contribution in improving the quality of people’s lives, the configuration of different habitats for life and work, including leisure and rest.”


Alice Stori Liechtenstein – Independent Design Curator, Founder @ Schloss Hollenegg for Design – ITALY


“Contemporary Product Design needs to quickly become before anything else ecological and sustainable. It needs to be accountable, ethical and have a low energy impact and this is what I’m going to reward.”


Ema Peter – Photographer, Founder @ Ema Peter Photography – CANADA

“As our aging population grows and we’re moving into a place where climate change needs to be taken seriously, contemporary Product Design should provide a necessary change. Design offers the opportunity to re-educate and pivot the consumers to be less disposable and more accountable.”


Miguel de Guzman e Rocio Romero – Architectural photographers @ ImagenSubliminal – USA/SPAIN


“Product Design should take advantage of new technologies whilst keeping in mind the aesthetics, paying attention to social, environmental and economical questions.”


The call for entries for the 2019 Archiproducts Design Awards is about to close. Brands have got until September 23rd to nominate their products and have the chance to be awarded as winners. Would you like to join the competition? Nominate your products now!

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