Talking to jurors. Federico Delrosso for a fresh, original Design

This year we’ve tasked our jurors with envisioning the future of product design. Each one of them had their own ideas to share with us and we’ve decided to collect their thoughts in a series of interviews called “Talking to Jurors”. We’ve asked all of them what they’re looking for in an entry and what they’re going to reward. Among all of their predictions and opinions, one stood out – design must be human and provide solutions that meet people’s needs. What is truly unforgettable is the product’s ability to improve the lives of everyone.


Here’s what the Italian Architect Federico Delrosso thinks of Product Design – that needs to be fresh, original and always new.



What are you looking forward to finding in our entries and which features are you going to reward?

In this year’s entries I’m going to reward the freshness and the originality of the projects. I will also particularly appreciate an effective presentation.


Which role do you think a Design Award should have nowadays? 

Nowadays, a Design Award should be a vehicle, a means of communication and interaction between the actors involved in the Design industry.


In which direction should contemporary Product Design go and how should it evolve to answer people’s needs?

About contemporary product Design, I think it should be more consistent and ready to keep up with the fast changes in people’s living habits. Still preserving its function and authenticity.


Bice’s Beach (Cannes, FR) by Federico Delrosso Architects

Federico Delrosso

CafèB (New York, USA) by Federico Delrosso Architects


About Federico Delrosso


Federico Delrosso, architect and designer from Biella, operates at international level from 2001, when he estabilished his studio Federico Delrosso Architects in Milan, dedicated towards architecture, interior and product design.

Respecting the natural surroundings, urban context and the spirit of the spaces, intense like the energy and conscious imprint in the memory of spaces, Federico Delrosso conceives projects with a refined lightness characterized with a minimalist and naturalistic approach.

The homogeneity of materials, often left natural and raw, and the study of light, sensed as an emotional and tangible component of each project, represent the essential elements of his stylistic research and the very idea of architecture. The latter is in fact conceived as a “self-seeking soul in every detail of light and shade to reach the delicate balance that makes it independent of those who created it, lives it or will live it.”
In the field of design of furniture and lighting, many important collaborations were made with brands like Davide Groppi and HenryTimi. The wall lamp Mima (2007, for Davide Groppi) was nominated for the 21st Compasso d’Oro 2008 and joins as a permanent collection of ADI (Association for the industrial design).
In the year 2012, the project of restaurant design Notime in Montecarlo was among the finalists of the Best of Year Award, organized by the magazine Interior Design (USA). A similar acknowledgment was received in 2016 for the kitchen category for the project Trapezio Kitchen, along with numerous other product-related mentions.
Speker in Mexico, Dubai, Ecuador, China, Turkey, in 2014 he was also invited at the Biennal of Architecture in Moscow to give lecture on the topic ‘Light and Architecture’ and was nominated as a member of the Presidential Committee for the IIDA (International interior design association) of Chicago.
Various publications were made on National and International magazines such as Elle Decor, Interni, Interior Design; in 2013 his first monograph Pushing the Boundaries (Skira), which presented a selection of projects realized in twenty years of works, was published.

The passion for building together with the constant search for overcoming the theoretical and practical limits leads him to conceive the new Slim35mm material for Tabu and Marmocode, an innovative assembly of the scraps made from the marble processing, with which he designed for HenryTimi the collection of table accessories fd802.
Eclectic architect with a multidisciplinary approach, he participates in the Dining By Design event in New York with the installation of Dining Tank and realizes for DepurArt Lab Gallery the installation Purifying Walk, joining the permanent collection of the Acqua Franca Museum in Milan. In 2016, at the XXI International Exhibition of the Triennale of Milan, Design After Design, he presented the personal exhibition Residual Spaces. In the context of Biennale di Architettura 2018, within Time Space Existence, an exhibition by GAA Foundation hosted by European Cultural Centre, he presented the architecture installation Work in Progress.
Official selection at the Milano Design Film Festival 2018, Dreaming the Real is a film directed by Luca De Santis and curated by Davide Giannella, which narrates the one and a half year journey around the visions and imaginations developed by Federico Delrosso in a 20-year career, through the images from the work site of Teca House.


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