Samsung Climate Solutions main partner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2019

Supporting Design, technology and innovation together

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Inspire the world, create the future. These are the principles behind Samsung’s Vision 2020. Given this, it’s not difficult to understand why the multinational chose to support the ADAs 2019, with its Climate Solutions division as a Main Partner.

Samsung and Archiproducts are united by the same care – and passion – for Design that can innovate, experiment and improve our quality of life, harnessing the power of technology as a driving force behind new ideas. ‘Technology is one of the elements that make the magic of the project possible’, explains Enzo Maiorano, Archiproducts co-founder and Art Director. ‘During the design process, technology is the tool that allows us to achieve bold objectives, offering the designer maximum freedom and almost infinite possibilities.’

And sometimes, all innovation takes is one idea. Take Samsung’s new ventilation system, for example. By tweaking a small yet crucial detail, the company has made the classic 4-way cassette air conditioner more efficient. By simply changing the shape to a circular design, the flow of fresh air becomes more uniform, ensuring that the temperature remains constant throughout the room.

This is the real power of technology applied to design: it gives us the opportunity to devise solutions that respond to needs shared by people all over the world. A result that can only be achieved through a continuous process of research and experimentation, with the ultimate goal of creating products that capture our imagination, change the way we live – now and in the future – and build a better global society.

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