Ceadesign’s Miniature Steel House for the ADA 2023 Jury

The “Seal” for the jury of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 is finished in Black Ivory, the colour of the most expensive coffee in the world

Designed for jurors of the 2023 edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards, the miniature steel house by Ceadesign is clad in Black Ivory. It is an unusual finish that recalls the colour of the celebrated premium coffee from which it takes its name.

Ceadesign's miniature steel house for the jury of the ADA 2023 2

Ceadesign’s miniature steel house for the jury of the ADA 2023

Introduced for the 2022 edition of the global design awards promoted by Archiproducts, the precious Ceadesign stainless steel house was specifically designed as an official recognition of the important contribution made by the jurors to the complex process of evaluating the entries. Therefore, it is a “seal” symbolising the competence and sensitivity with which each member interprets the signs of contemporaneity.

Designed and produced in collaboration with Ceadesign, the miniature house for jurors of ADA 2023 is an essential object: a tiny steel architecture replicating an archetypal domestic form conceived as two overlapping volumes.

“CEADESIGN renews its collaboration with the Archiproducts Design Awards”, explains Ceadesign founder Roberta Bertacco, “by creating a special object for the members of the 2023 jury. The “Nest of Experience” is an ideal model of the house, the guardian of design concepts, technical ideas and skills. It is a symbolic project with which each juror reads and interprets contemporary design”.

The Ceadesign's miniature steel house in Black Ivory, the finish reminiscent of the colours of the world's most expensive coffee 3

The Ceadesign’s miniature steel house in Black Ivory, the finish reminiscent of the colours of the world’s most expensive coffee

The Black Ivory Finish of the Ceadesign Miniature Stainless Steel House

New this year is Black Ivory finish, developed and launched by Ceadesign with the SIXTY project, a collection of taps and fittings designed by Belgian architect Glenn Sestig for the exclusive La Reserve hotel in Knokke.

The new Black Ivory finish, with which Ceadesign dresses stainless steel, is reminiscent of the colours of a variety of fine coffee, from which it takes its name. Produced in Thailand, Black Ivory is known as the most expensive coffee in the world due to its unusual production process, which involves fermenting the coffee beans in the stomachs of elephant.

The special colour, recreated by Ceadesign using an innovative nano-structured coating, transports the object into an ethereal dimension that transcends time and space.

“Thanks to Archiproducts,” says Roberta Bertacco, who co-directs Ceadesign with Natalino Malasorti“CEADESIGN continues its productive and enriching dialogue with architectural studios all over the world. Over the years, Archiproducts has created a global platform of exceptional visibility for companies and products. Today, it is an essential library for all architects and interior designers. Our partnership since the inception of CEADESIGN has been fundamental for us and has proven to be fruitful, consistent and highly professional over time”.

“The idea of a ‘seal’ for the ADA jurors was born with Roberta and Natalino”, says Enzo MaioranoCreative Director of Archiproducts“whom we have been tracking and appreciating for several years over their brilliant design journey as pioneers in the use of stainless steel in interior design. To us, Ceadesign is synonymous with courage, technological innovation, obsession with detail and vision in creating timeless icons. What better partner could there be to create an object that symbolises the jury’s expertise?”

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