ADA 2021: American architect Harry Nuriev makes his debut on the jury

A ‘pioneering voice in global minimalism’ joins the award’s sixth edition jury

American architect Harry Nuriev makes his debut as a juror for the 2021 Archiproducts Design Awards, the prize promoted by Archiproducts to celebrate international design excellence and the synergy between producers and designers in the creative process.

We interviewed the judges of the new edition – called upon to evaluate essential aspects of design such as innovation, ethics and sustainability – to understand their thoughts on the state of innovation in the sector and their expectations.


Harry Nuriev: The greatest benefit of contemporary art or design is when you look at something and feel no limits so that anything is possible


Harry Nuriev on the 2021 ADA jury

Harry Nuriev, born in 1984 and raised in Russia, where he studied architecture, founded Crosby Studios in 2014.


Based in New York and Moscow, his work spans a wide range of design genres, including innovative commercial spaces, hospitality, product design and collaborations with fashion and art, often viewed through the lens of radical design dictated by the aesthetics of contemporary consumer culture.


After Crosby Studios opened its New York branch in 2017, The New York Times Magazine proclaimed Harry Nuriev a ‘pioneering voice in global minimalism‘, citing the distinctive influence of Russian crafts and architecture on his work.


Harry Nuriev uses minimalism as a philosophical framework, linking primary geometric principles and a crisp logic to create ‘energising’ and exuberant interiors as vehicles for broader ideas about how we live and work.


Nuriev, ‘the man who designs spaces for the Instagram era‘ (again, per the New York Times), creates colourful, experimental furniture and interiors where ‘the boundaries between old and new, beautiful and ugly, fashion and design cease to exist‘.


American artist, architect and designer Harry Nuriev collaborated with Nike and architect Rem Koolhaas of OMA to create three different furniture collections for the kick-off of the new Air Max trainer.


Nuriev received critical acclaim for The Balenciaga Sofa at Design Miami/ in December 2019. The conceptual and sustainable installation of a couch upholstered with discarded clothes and fabrics was designed by the artist in collaboration with the French fashion house Balenciaga to promote environmental responsibility.

The Balenciaga Sofa, Design Miami/2019


More recently, he has worked with COS and Valentino.

Crosby Studio’s latest addition is the Crosby Studios Store, which opened on March 13, 2021, in Moscow. In Nuriev’s words, as well as being the studio’s new home, ‘it is an integrated design experience and a complete work of art, between crafts, cuisine, architecture and design, outfitted from head to toe in iconic Crosby Studios products’.

What do you expect from the entries for the 2021 Archiproducts Design Awards and what features should the winning products have?
Given my new projects and the collaborations in the pipeline, which I am really excited about, these days I am paying a lot of attention to the production of art objects.


What role do you think a Design Award should play today?
A design award is always motivating for young people who are the main drivers of creativity.


How should contemporary design evolve to meet the needs of the community?
The greatest benefit from contemporary art or design is when you look at something and feel no limits so that anything is possible. As an artist, I always make sure everyone feels this message throughout my work.


How do you think the pandemic has affected design?
Design and art have always been great and positive drivers for our world, especially in overcoming a global crisis.


Registration for the 2021 edition of the ADAs is open!




L’artista, architetto e designer russo Harry Nuriev in Giuria ADA 2021

American architect Harry Nuriev on the 2021 ADA jury

NY apartment, New York

NY apartment, New York

Parisian Apartment, New York

Parisian Apartment, New York

Avgvst store, Moscow

Avgvst store, Moscow

Crosby Studios Home

Crosby Studios Home

The Balenciaga Sofa

The Balenciaga Sofa