Architect, Founder @ Pitsou Kedem Architects - ISRAEL

Pitsou Kedem

Pitsou Kedem Architects Studio opened in 2000 and today consists of 11 architects. The studio is responsible for the design and planning of many projects in Israel and also in Europe. Pitsou Kedem set up the studio after finishing his studies at the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA).

The studio’s design language and concept is founded on the modernist style. During its formative years, the studio was involved in a constant dialogue with the fundamental principles of minimalism: reduction and moderation, clean lines for each element, separation of structural materials as part of the process designed to avoid the irrelevant in order to emphasize the significant and refining and seeking out the essence of the space. Structural facades are uniform, mono-chromatic, devoid of all decoration and provide a feeling of being almost monumental in nature. The studio has been working with contrasting materials such as weathered steel and exposed concrete on the one hand and carbon and other new and innovative materials taken from the world of industrial technology on the other. Pitsou Kedem’s projects cover a wide range of sizes and complexity. From the interior design of restaurants, stores and living spaces to the design of private residences – usually those spreading over very large plots – and recently, hotels and residential complexes. The studio has been awarded many prizes including the Israeli Design Award.

Pitsou Kedem has mentored graduation projects for the Faculty of Architecture at the Technion, Israel and lectures regularly at all of Israel’s architectural faculties.


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