How can I apply? How many products can I nominated?

Each participant is allowed to candidate up to 5 products. Participation in the competition itself is subject to a binding online registration and a subscription fee. It is possible to register one individual product for only one competition category.


Do I have to be a member of Archiproducts to nominate a product?

Yes, the participation to the Archiproducts Design Award is reserved to Archiproducts active Members. Become a member on


How much does it cost and how can I pay the subscription fee?

The registration fee for the competition is EUR 250 per product entry, up to 3 products. It can be paid via Paypal or credit card by clicking on the link that the participant will receive by email after nominating the products.


Can I submit a collection or group of products ?

No, you can nominate only one product (or one of its varieties) already published on Archiproducts.
The jury will take into account whether the product belongs to a collection or product group.


For more information please contact the competition office:

T +39 (0)80 2460421