ARCHIPRODUCTS DESIGN AWARDS 2016 – Terms and Conditions


The “Archiproducts Design Awards” (ADA) is bestowed annually by Spa, which owns the brand “Archiproducts”. The following terms and conditions shall constitute the sole contractual termsgoverning participation in the competition for the ADA (call for submissions) as agreed between Archiproducts and the participant.




The competition is open to all businesses whose products are listed in the following categories:

Building Shell

Participation is reserved to Archiproducts active Members.
Only the products (or one of its varieties) which were introduced into the market or published no longer than 12 months before the competition’s starting date are admitted to the competition. Upon request, the participant may be asked to provide Archiproducts with an appropriate proof. Each participant is allowed to candidate up to 5 products. Participation in the competition itself is subject to a binding online registration and a subscription fee.

01/10/2016 Update
Given the high degree of specialisation of some of the candidate products in different categories, the organizing committee has considered it appropriate to group them in a new category denominated “COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS”



An independent and expert jury will award the ADA. The jury will be drawn from the industry, the higher education, the world of design and the media, and the Archiproducts Editorial Team. The products will qualify for an award thanks to their particularly outstanding features, taking the following particular aspects into account:
• Concept

• Design quality

• Brand value and brand fit

• Innovation

• Aesthetics

• Product graphics and semantics

• User-friendliness

• Functionality and operability

• Sustainability and ecological quality

• Symbolic and emotional content

• Technical quality and function

• Manufacturing techniques and quality

The above list does not imply any ranking order for assessment by the jury. The judges‘ decision will be confirmed and discussed in writing. The jury‘s decision shall be definitive and no legal recourse will be permitted.




The participation in the ADA begins when the participant fills out the form on, and nominates 1 to 5 products. The participation is deemed complete upon payment of the registration fee.
The registration fee for the competition is EUR 250 + VAT per product entry, up to 5 products. It can be paid via Paypal or credit card by clicking on the link that the participant will receive by email after nominating the products.
Entries to the competition will only be judged by the jury after the entry fee has been received.
In any case, the participation fees cannot be refunded.




Among the nominated products, Archiproducts will mention up to five products for each category, which will be entitled to use the claim “Archiproducts Design Awards, Best of Category”. The winning companies will be entitled to use the Archiproducts Design Award logo in their online and offline communications.
After the publication and dissemination of the “Best of Category” products, the jury will select 3 winning products, denominated “Archiproducts Design Awards Winner”, which will be awarded the following prizes in the form of web marketing campaigns on Archiproducts network:

First prize (value € 10,000)
1 DEM (direct email) to 450,000 Archiproducts registered users worldwide
1 storytelling included in Archiproducts editorial newsletter (Design Selection)
5 sponsored social media posts
6 months product placement at Archiproducts Milano (Via tortona 31)
1 Graphic Ad in editorial newsletter (Design Selection)
Creation of the product 3D, publication on Archiproducts and Sayduck App

Second prize (value € 5,000)
1 DEM (direct email) to 450,000 Archiproducts registered users worldwide
1 storytelling included in Archiproducts editorial newsletter (Design Selection)
4 sponsored social media posts
Creation of the product 3D, publication on Archiproducts and Sayduck App

Third prize (value € 2,500)
1 storytelling included in Archiproducts editorial newsletter (Design Selection)
3 sponsored social media posts
200,000 impressions of Leaderboard banner on Archiproducts
Creation of the product 3D, publication on Archiproducts and Sayduck App

Web Prize (value € 1,000)
Social Media Campaign
Creation of the product 3D, publication on Archiproducts and Sayduck App

Last but not least, the most voted product by our users worldwide will be awarded a Web Prize,
users will be able to express their preference from September 26th to October 10th.

If necessary, Archiproducts reserves the right to:
• increase or decrease the number of mentioned or awarded products, or to deserve special mentions

• not to deserve any mentions to one or more categories

• exposing nominated or simply mentioned products at Archiproducts Milano, at its own discretion.




ADA is the subject of a communication and web marketing campaign on the channels and within the international community of Archiproducts and Archilovers.
The information, images, lists and regulation are available on
The “Best of Category” products will be visible in a dedicated page on Archiproducts and, and published in the editorial newsletters.
The “Winners” products will be at the top of the “Best of Category” page.




Applications must be received no later than 05/09/2016
Deadline has been postponed to 12/09/2016
Announcement of “Best of Category”  and “Winners”: 14/10/2016

If necessary, Archiproducts reserves the right to hasten or delay the participation dates or announcement of the mentioned or winning products.




Products which breach intellectual property rights (trademarks, logos or brand labels, utility models, patents or similar) are barred from participation. All participants will be responsible for informing Archiproducts whether legal proceedings (involving competition law, patents, trademarks, disputes about copyright or other rights) are pending with regard to submitted items. The participant shall be solely liable for damages, and particularly claims by third parties, resulting from an infringement of these conditions.
The copyright of contributions submitted to the contest (photographs, videos and texts) remains with the respective participant at all times. The participant grants the right of use and the right of publication to Archiproducts. The participant is not entitled to claim a compensation fee for usage. By registering, the participant consents to this usage.




By signing the registration form, participants accept the rules of the competition as set out in the documents dispatched with the call for submissions and in the terms and conditions herein contained, and they further agree to take part in the exhibition. The place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction for the contract shall be Bari (Italy).




Competition office and contact for enquiries:
T +39 (0)80 2460421